Our Flavour Creation Process Unveiled

From Taste Tests to Blissful Bites: Our Flavour Creation Process Unveiled

You know, having exceptional taste is not something that happens by accident. Well, sometimes it does, like when you’re at a family party, feeling a bit greedy, and decide to pop both an artisan cheese and a spicy chicken skewer into your mouth at the same time. Suddenly, a burst of flavour fills your senses, and it’s pure magic. But when it comes to wedding cakes, that kind of culinary delight doesn’t just happen on its own.

In fact, our process is anything but simple. It’s long, rigorous, and intense. We pour our hearts and souls into creating a taste experience that will leave you and your guests in awe. Each bite has to be absolutely perfect, and let us tell you, that takes some serious hard work.

We want you to understand just how dedicated we are to our craft of baking the most delicious wedding cakes for foodies like you. So allow us to explain below.

How Do We Come Up With Our New Flavours?

Coming up with new flavours for our wedding cakes is an exciting and creative process. It all starts with inspiration, which usually strikes when we’re eating or drinking something delicious. Obviously.

Whilst we’re enjoying that moment of bliss, we think “Wow, this is too good to not have in a wedding cake.”

For example, Heidi has only just discovered Chai Tea (late to the party we know) and whilst she was sipping, it suddenly sparked an idea – “Why not incorporate this incredible flavour into a wedding cake?”

From there, we’d research and investigate the unique spice mix that gives it its distinctive taste. Create our own signature spice blend and begin the long, arduous process of testing and refining the recipe. Our family and friends love this part because it means endless amounts of free cake.

What Does The Testing Process Look Like?

Let’s take the example of the brown butter honeycomb cake. We made a total of nine versions to perfect it. The base of the sponge involves butter and buttermilk and we refined it until it had a dreamy red velvet-like texture. The process was no different for the honeycomb component. We had to test it multiple times to strike the ideal balance of sweetness without overpowering the other flavours or making the cake too heavy.

Not only do we consider the flavours, but also the textures. We started with Swiss meringue buttercream but found that it was too fluffy when paired with the sponge’s super light texture. So, we went back to the drawing board and refined the buttercream to complement the overall mouthfeel of the cake.

The testing process can be lengthy at times. Some recipes come together effortlessly, while others require extensive experimentation. For instance, developing the perfect brownies took six months to perfect. We experimented with different baking times, temperatures (tweaking the temperature by as little as 5 degrees, along with timing adjustments of just 2 minutes each time), and shelf placements in the oven.

In our quest for exceptional ingredients, we value local producers, suppliers and award-winning ingredients. Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract is a favourite among chefs, and we’re fortunate to have a local deli nearby that stocks products from local makers, including their incredible conserves.

What Happens Next?

We put our creations to the ultimate test, tirelessly refining and gathering feedback until we achieve nothing short of perfection in every flavour and texture. It’s not just about meeting our own standards—it’s about surpassing the expectations of our toughest critics: our family, friends and previous clients. Only when each and every one of us is genuinely delighted and satisfied do we proudly share our creations with the world.

And when we are testing a new taste sensation, there’s an extra special treat awaiting every new couple when they open up our luxurious wedding cake-tasting box—the delightful new flavour. Believe it or not, this unexpected flavour often steals the show and becomes the ultimate choice for their dream wedding cake. It’s a remarkable testament to our ability to hit the mark and create something truly extraordinary.

Our Flavour Creation Process Unveiled
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